Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeless World cup – produce an ident challenge

I spoke to Marc Ortmans recently after bumping into him at one of Promax's informal PUK
networking events , and found out about a very interesting branding challenge that he was working on.
Marc, who is currently a freelance brand consultant, after many years working at the BBC, Ortmans Young and places like Kemistry, is the brand steward for the Homeless World cup.

If you hadn't heard of this event before, you might be mistaken for thinking that this is some small-time event ranking way below your local town's football team for interest. However, I was surprised to hear that this global event is sponsored by UEFA, Nike and Vodaphone, amongst others and has been going since 2003. 20,000 homeless people apply to be in these 5-a side squads, and about 700 qualify. I was also impressed to hear that Manchester United players train the UK team members themselves and there is a strong representation of young women in these mixed teams.

What's all this got to do with branding, I hear you ask? Well apart from devising the logo and applying it to all the print executions, Marc is trying to make a 10" ident and bumpers for when the footage of the 2009 competition from Milan is played on the web and cable channels around the world. Essentially he wants to find a person/persons who are willing to work for free bar expenses, to design and produce this ident.

What's in it for you? Well it may be a valuable piece of experience and profile for someone who is coming up through the ranks as well as the chance for you to do something for this fantastic charity that really helps people stay away from living on the streets and self harming from drink and drugs – go to the website for more details on what they do.

Deadline for registering an interest: early june
Contact Marc on:

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