Wednesday, April 1, 2009

See No Evil Mograph meeting 26/03/09

As you may know Thursday 26th was the much anticipated Mograph meeting at the Bodhi Gallery in Brick Lane, set up by Thiago Maia and James Wignall. I used to live not 5 minutes walk from there, so there was a sense of 'going home' for me, and a nice change from the slicker confines of Soho. I was glad I arrived at around 7.30 – as it seems that everyone and their aunt was there – people from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Not To Scale, Nexus, Wyld Stallions, Red Bee, Passion Pictures, Mainframe and loads of freelancers.

By 8pm I was downstairs in the makeshift cinema area where they had the idea of showing the latest film from the "Pass it on" series. These are 2-3 minute films split into three where the animators only have the last frame from the previous film to work on – the idea taken from the game of 'consequences'. The result was many hilarious and surreal moments as many different animation styles and mini story lines unfolded. I remember especially Lorenzo Fonda's film where the king on a chess board chases all the other pieces off while making the sound of an enraged chimpanzee, and a mini remaking of the "Thriller" video with cartoon mice instead of Jacko and his team. You will have to link through to the PSST website to get all the credits and watch the films for yourself – as there are too many to mention here.

The overall impression was that there are many creatively diverse people out there with loads of good ideas who we should be welcoming into the TV branding part of the industry – I urge you creative directors to seek these guys out!

Halfway through I got a call from my partner Yaniv who said he couldn't get in – there were too many people!
The whole thing was a victim of it's own success. Apparently many had gone to the bars next to gallery to wait for it to calm down. If it carries on like this then I am hopeful that there will be a regular event for all the visual creatives in a venue of the right size. Well done to Thiago and the Pass it on guys for being brave enough to set it up in the first place. There is a page on Flickr with photos of all this - go here
Go to for details of the next event.

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