Monday, February 23, 2009

Thiago Maia & London Mograph/Animation group

I just met with a really nice Brazilian design director called Thiago Maia – check his site out on the links list. He has done a really cool spot for BBC6 radio, and some BBC2 stuff recently. He has been in the UK for 6 years and has worked at places like the BBC, Nickleodeon, RedBee and Cartoon Network.

What is interesting about Thiago apart from his obvious creative skills is his desire to get all the motion graphics, designers, and animators together – he is planning a bi-monthly event at the Bodhi Gallery in Brick Lane. He has also made a Group that you can join on Linked In called "Mograph and Animation London" – which will give details of when these events are happening. Just log on to Linked In and get involved.

I asked him what inspires him and he said he loves to spend time thinking about colours, shapes and working with many different media. He often wanders around with his iphone taking pictures of things on the street, and just trying to let his brain be "free". I think that's a good philosophy for all us creatives to carry....

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