Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Smash Your Brand

I know I said I would only talk about TV branding in this blog, but this article came to my attention, and I was wondering aloud how relevant it was to idents.
You can read the whole thing here: Smash Your Brand

The gist of it is that if you have a really strong brand identity (could be a product or a service etc) then you should be able to visually break the identity in to many pieces and still recognise the brand from any single piece. An obvious example would be the black Mickey Mouse Ears that symbolise Disney – when you see them, or part of them you do not need to see any words to know what brand they represent.

I often hear people in TV branding say that their clients care about making idents but the viewers rarely do. I wonder if a channel was broadcast with out it's branding/logo if people would feel any loyalty, and keep checking it for favourable content? Or is it true that viewers only make appointments to view via their PVRs, and they don't register what channel any programs are on?

Whatever the case I think that channels have to fight harder to stand out from the crowd – and that branding has become more important. Recently some of the UKTV channels rebranded – and apart from the visuals all of them now have very distinct names – Eden, Alibi, Watch etc – I think this was an ingenious way to make them stand out on the EPG, especially in the light of the overall decline of terrestrial channels, and increased viewing share of multichannels by 7%, from 36.3% in 2007 to 38.8% last year.

I would love to know if any research has been done on channel loyalty and identification – presumably this kind of thing is covered when channels re-brand and market research is commissioned. I have a friend at Red Bee and will ask her….

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